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Blog Fodder – #9

This week’s topic was submitted by none other than Rob, over at My Bloddy Great Nutshell. I’m going to really have to think about this one because I can’t seem to recall anything right off the bat. I’m sure it won’t be too hard. Go on over and say hi to Rob. He could use some of our good cheer right now, and this group is so very good at that.

Name a sensory input(s) which trigger a mood change be it uplifting, depressing, poignancy or remind you of a past event or period in time. Examples – the smell of an aftershave or perfume, a song, a baby crying, the sound of a vegas slot machine, the feel of clean sheets, the taste of a childhood drink.


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Blog Fodder – # 8

This week’s topic is brought you to you Melonie, over at The Joy of Being Melonie. This topic is definitely one that I struggle with constantly.

How does one handle work, home and family (or a combination thereof) without having a nervous breakdown?

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Blog Fodder – #7

I think that Karen, over at Write from Karen, needs us to send her some warmth.  And perhaps some firewood and blankets as well.  She is the author of this week’s topic which is a really good one.  Be sure and visit Karen and send her some sunshine while you are there.

Which is more important, intelligence or common sense?

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Blog Fodder – #6

This weeks topic was brought to us by non other than Kim, over at Kimbofo. All together now. Kim, you rock! And you have successfully made this Blog Fodder participant hungry just thinking about it.

What is your most memorable meal? Why?

All right people! Let’s get started!

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Blog Fodder – #5

The first week of 2007 we bring you a topic from Marie, over at PractiGal. If you have a chance, take a look at her Spinach Lasagna recipe. My stomach is growling!

“Tell us something about your in-laws (funny, memories, etc.). If you don’t have any in-laws, pick a relative like siblings, parents, etc.”

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The New Year

We are finally back!

Now that the holidays are over, and everyone is healthy, and the computers are up and running, we are back to our regularly scheduled program. We here at Blog Fodder had a wonderful holiday, filled with fun and family. Alot of family. We didn’t realize just how big the family was until we all got together at the folk’s house. Good times, but it’s good to be home.

We’ve received countless emails, with requests to add topics as well as blogrolls. We’ll be getting to all of them in the next few days or so. If we somehow miss you, please, please, please email us and let us know. We don’t want anyone to feel left out or that we are ignoring them. It’s just that the volume of email while we were gone was phenomenal!

I want to comment on a couple of emails that I have gotten since we have started. There is NO SET DAY that you have to post your response. Each question starts on a Sunday and lasts until the following Sunday. You do NOT have to post every week in order to be a part of it. Alot of folks have commented, apologizing for being late and there is no such thing. There have been folks who have actually posted topics starting from the beginning, even though they came in after the beginning, and that’s perfectly ok as well. The whole idea is to give the participants ideas for posting, if they need them. There are very few rules here.

We know that some of you have had problems posting the blogroll on your site, so we will build a blogroll here in the next few days that you will just need to link to (if you want), if you can’t get the code to work for your blog. We are open to any ideas that may make the current blogroll code we have up work for everyone.

We hope this post finds you happy and in good health. We look forward to the New Year, and a steadily growing community, filled with friends and good times.

Thank you so much for being a part of it.

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